Tanyka is an anointed and captivating Minister, Transformational Speaker and Teacher.  She  captures the attention of her audience as she so authentically and transparently shares her story of sexual and relational brokenness, but also of the way Christ loved her back to restoration and wholeness.   She considers the opportunity to teach and encourage through seminars as a way in which men and women can not only learn of God’s love and redeeming power, but obtain the knowledge and tools needed to destroy the chains of bondage sexual and relational brokenness attempts keep one in.

The following is a list of seminars offered, to include Tanyka’s signature topics.  If there is a topic you would like for Tanyka to conduct that is not listed, she would be more than happy to customize a seminar for you.


Behind The Veil-In this authentic and transparent seminar, Tanyka takes participants behind the veil of her sexual and relational brokenness, to reveal how God began the transforming process of healing and restoration.

Meet Me At the Well-In this seminar for women who are in need of healing from their own sexual and or relational brokenness(abuse, domestic violence, sexual addiction, working through their infidelity), Tanyka positions participants to just as the Samaritan woman did, have a healing encounter with Christ.

The Power of a Thought-What we think about is importantfor what we think, we will believe.  In this seminar Tanyka shares with participants why thoughts matter, how to not only identify but move through negative thinking patterns, to engage in power thoughts, which lead to working through life challenges.

Lessons Along the Journey- In this thought provoking and uplifting seminar, Tanyka shares of different life situations experienced and the life lessons she learned about God, herself and others.

Rated “R” for Real- This seminar is for those who want to discuss those real-life issues they are facing individually as well as within their relationship as a result of the brokenness experienced in their relationships.  Tanyka enables participants to share in a place of safety, free of judgement while receiving practical and healing based tools and skills to work towards healing individually and relationally.



Healing Damaged Emotions

You Will Get Through This!

Letting Go of Guilt and Shame

It Won’t Always Be Like This