Safe Place Conference Call

Learning of your spouse’s or loved one’s sexual brokenness can result in one experiencing a myriad of emotions…anger, confusion, sadness, fear, loneliness, just to name a few. The fear of “being found out” can cause one to further isolate and believe they must suffer in silence and alone. You are not alone.

THE SAFE PLACE CONFERENCE CALL is a place, offering a community of support in which one can safely, without judgement or ridicule, begin to work through these feelings, understand more about sexual brokenness, find encouragement to forgive, grow, be set free and heal from the bondage of isolation and shame sexual brokenness can cause. Our goal is to walk alongside you as you allow Christ to minister to and heal those wounded and broken places incurred as a result of sexual brokenness. The call is closed, meaning it is only for spouses and adult family members of those dealing with sexual brokenness.

THE SAFE PLACE CONFERENCE CALL is a weekly fee call, held every Wednesday at 7 AM. To join the call, a one time conversation with Tanyka is required so that you can obtain the phone number and access code. Call Tanyka today at (804) 536-7232.