For Ministry Wives Only

Being the wife of a clergyman on any level comes with its own unique challenges. When there are challenges involving sexual brokenness within the marriage, no matter its form, feelings of shame, loneliness and isolation can cause one to think that there is no one who cares or would understand. The fear of being judged, ridiculed, and thoughts of how you and your husband will be viewed can be overwhelming, intensifying your silence.

The truth is, you are not alone!! No matter what the enemy attempts to tell you through your thoughts and feelings, there are those who not only care but understand. They’ve been where you are. There is a place where you can safely and confidentially work through your thoughts and feelings void intimidation, being judged, made to feel further shame, or be made to feel as though you need to just” bear the burden.”

If you are a ministry wife dealing with sexual brokenness within your marriage and you desire help or to have a listening ear, please contact Behind The Veil Ministries, LLC. Giving your name is not important. Offering you hope and a safe place to work through the wounds sexual brokenness inflicts is. Feel free to contact Tanyka at (804) 536-7232.