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Behind the Veil Radio Show

From Behind The Veil~ Debut Episode , Tuesday September 9, 2014

The wounds of sexual and relational brokenness (abuse, infidelity, etc), veil themselves in the lives of so many women in various ways.  These veils not only keep the emotional, spiritual and relational wounds of these forms of brokenness hidden, but attempt to keep the healing balm and the light of God’s word out.

In her debut episode  of From Behind The Veil, Tanyka shares the vision for the show as well as the inspiration behind it.  Through the authentic and transparent testimony of how God healed the wounds of sexual and relational brokenness in her life, join Tanyka as she goes behind the veil of brokenness, unveiling shame to reveal Christ’s glory.

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Christian Women Affilate

Beginning Tuesday, September 23, 2014, join Tanyka every Tuesday at 1:30 PM EST on CWA (Christian Women Affiliate) for From Behind The Veil, a one hour live radio broadcast dedicated to the discussion of real life topics, biblical application, and personal testimonies of women Christ has transformed and redeemed from brokenness. We invite you to obtain strength, receive encouragement, and be empowered to come from behind the veil of brokenness to reveal Christ’s glory and your victory.