Covered By Grace

Earlier today, during my time of reflection, I was able to listen to the last few minutes of a sermon being preached on television.  The preacher was talking about grace within the context of relationships.  What really resonated with me was that no matter what our challenge or challenges in relationship may be, we are covered by grace.

When we’re in challenging situations in our relationships, we can at times become so focused on whatever the issue is, that we don’t pay attention to the fact that whatever the challenge, whatever the dilemma, God has graced us to be able to deal with it.  Sometimes, we fail to remember that God has graced us to be able to handle it. He’s graced us to walk through it to get to the other side.I want to encourage you no matter the situation-be it infidelity or a relationship riddled with addiction, whatever it is that’s going on, I encourage you to not focus more on the issue than on the grace that God’s given you, and is able to provide, so that you can work through the situation.

Now, I’m not saying that you don’t have to deal with whatever the challenge may be.  What I am saying is this: don’t let your thoughts and your concentration be so concentrated on the issue that you render yourself unable to turn to God; the One who can AND WILL grace you to deal with the situation.  Let us not be so caught up that we don’t look to God and ask for the grace to handle it. Let us not be focused on the issue that we don’t ask for the wisdom, understanding and words, to guide us in our communication with our spouse. Ask God to give you what to say and when to say it.  Ask God to grace you to be able to say it with the love and the compassion that He would give you.

Ask God to grace you to be able to extend the grace to the other person. When we begin to do this, God is gracing us to turn our circumstance around.  When we allow God to enable us and show us how we are covered by grace, we are improving on the challenges or the places within relationship that needs to be worked on, through grace!.  I’m not saying that we don’t work on the issue, instead, I’m saying when we allow ourselves to focus on the grace God gives us, we won’t make the issue so big in our minds that we forget God is bigger and greater that the issue. We won’t allow the issue to become so large that we don’t turn to the one who can grace us to handle it.

When we remember that we are covered by grace, we will ask and enable God to grace us to not only extend grace to our spouse, but we will also allow grace to help us through the situation.

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