Clean House

The Lord brought this to my attention today as I sat in the living room of my home.  The living room is full of things-things from my past as well as my present.  Some of the things are intermingled, you know, the old mixed in with the new. Sometimes, I couldn’t find what I needed to do something, because it was mixed in with things.  Some of the new things that I had were hidden, or covered up, by the old things.

The Holy Spirit showed me that here I was in this new place, still with old stuff.  Some of the stuff was useful, but a lot of it wasn’t.  He also allowed me to see that the same thing was occurring inside of me.  Some of the stuff in me was useful, and some of it wasn’t. Old belief systems, even some relationships that were stifling new ones, that needed to be formed and nourished. There were new things that the Lord desired to place in me, but because of the old stuff, there was no room.

To get to the new things and even to obtain new things, as well as determine the old things that were useful, I needed to clean.  Cleaning required me to go through and sort things out.  Sort the old from the new.  Determine what was useful and what could be discarded. Sorting, clearing out and then deciding what to keep requires a process.  It also requires time; dedicated time. Most importantly, it required me to seek help, because there was a lot of stuff!  Help from the Holy Spirit and help from others gifted to help me clean!

What things are being hidden by the clutter in your life?  What giftings are being hidden by old thought patterns, or old ways of doing things?  Are there things that aren’t working anymore; old relationships, old belief systems, habits, that you’re holding on to?  Is there room for the new?

Why not ask the Holy Spirit to help you to clean house today.

Prayer for Today:

Lord, thank You for my home.  I recognize that there are some things in this home that need to stay and some things that need to be discarded.  I ask that You help me on this day.  Help me to sort out those things that need to remain and need to be thrown out.  I thank You for the ability to be able to keep that which is needed and the strength to discard what no longer has a place.  Thank You, that in this process, You are enabling me to make room for the new things You desire me to have.  In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

One thought on “Clean House

  1. I too could use a Good Cleaning out.Im Praying LORD to create in me a Clean heart. So that I can Share my Love and be Loved. Im Praying LORD that YOU would declutter my Mind of ALL thoughts that are NOT pleasing to YOU so that I can hear from YOU and be FILLED with ALL YOUR GOODNESS that YOU promised me.. Amen..

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