Your Healing is in the Journey

Whenever we read of someone receiving healing in the Bible we can be sure of this one thing ; they had  to walk.  No matter the healing, the person was required to walk in one fashion or another.  Some had to walk away from fear and walk in the direction of faith. Others had to walk from specific places, which often times required them to leave people and things behind.  Despite where they were walking from, they had to walk towards the ONE who was able to heal.  To put this another way, they had to participate in their healing.

Consider the woman with the issue of blood.  She knew that in order to receive her healing, she had to get to where Jesus was.  In fact, she had to not only walk, but the Bible tells us she had to press her way through the crowd.

Look at Naaman.  He had to not only walk towards the prophet, but he had to take some additional steps!  He had to be obedient to the word he received (walk in the direction of obedience), dip in the water, the dirty water nonetheless (walk towards the place of healing).  Then he was healed!

Can you recall the story of the ten lepers?  Jesus told them to walk into town-into the place they were banned from!

What would’ve happened if the woman with the issue of blood said, ” This journey to Jesus is too long?  I can’t walk that far.”  What if she had said, “I ain’t pressin’ through all those people!”  How would Naaman’s skin become softer than a baby’s if he had refused to walk towards the water?  Despite how Namaan and the woman with the issue of blood felt, they walked anyway!

What of the ten lepers? Well now, let’s see.  The Bible tells us that as they walked they were healed!

My friend, if you’re in need of healing, be it physically, emotionally, or even spiritually, I want to encourage you to walk!  As you walk realize that your healing is in the journey.  It was only as the woman with the issue of blood walked, pressing through the crowd, that she got to the place to receive her healing.  It was in the journey into town that led to the lepers’ healing.  Naaman made it to the prophet, and received further instruction.  It was in walking a little further that made the difference for him.

Your healing is in the journey!  Just as every example noted above, as they walked their assigned path, they found what they’d been traveling the journey for; their healing.  Be encouraged and walk for your healing is in the journey.

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