Push Through The Pain

There are times when moving forward hurts-when putting one foot in front of the other feels like such a daunting task.  Sometimes growth doesn’t feel good, and yes, it even hurts.  Consider a woman who is in the midst of giving birth.  With each contraction comes pressure.  That pressure hurts.  With each contraction, the natural inclination is to push until the baby comes.  Why?  Because instinctively, the woman’s body recognizes that in order to get through the contraction she is required to participate in the process.  She participates by pushing.  As she pushes, the unborn child moves down the birth canal.  This process also brings about pressure, but it brings about something else as well.  It brings for the child!
On today, I want to encourage you to push through the pain.  Yes, the situation you are currently facing does hurt.  Yes, the pain may at times seem as though it doesn’t have an end.  However, if you become stunted or remain at a standstill, refusing to push, you will remain in that same place.

Sometimes in order to push through the pain we need help.  There is nothing wrong with this.  Just as the woman in the delivery room has a doctor there, a nurse, and even family members who are there to lend support as well, recognize that you too have that support system at your disposal.

Don’t allow the cloak of guilt, shame or even pride to act as an anestesia that lulls you into a place of comfort.  Believe me, that “comfort” will not last.  Instead, stretch forth and ask for assistance if needed.  Push through the feelings of doubt and fear.  As you push you move!  As you push help will come!  As you push, you get closer and closer to a place of rest, a place of peace.

No matter what circumstance has caused the need for you to push, push!! Push towards your healing.  Push towards your breakthrough.  Push towards forgiveness.  Push towards being made whole.  Push towards the Lord who has promised in His word to be your comfort.  Push all of your pain, all of your sorrow, your disappointment, and even your tears into the cross.  Allow the Lord to speak to you, to give you the grace and strength to push.

One thought on “Push Through The Pain

  1. Some Days I feel like I cant even stand let alone Push. Satan you have NO CONTROL here!!..LORD I need YOUR help in helping me to PUSH through All of this Pain/Anger/Hurt /Disappointment..I know I am Strong because I am weak.. Thank YOU LORD!!

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